• Expand Your Customer Base

    Zoomerce provides enterprise mobility solutions. Our customized mobile app for the IBM Websphere Commerce suite helps your eCommerce business broaden its horizons and reach more customers in an increasingly mobile world.

  • Our apps leverage your existing IBM WCS to provide a tailored mobile application that will drive increased sales

    We support you every step of the way from development to post-release, ensuring that your mobile app functions exactly how your business needs it to at all times

  • We work collectively with your business to ensure that your eCommerce app is developed in a way that maximizes customer engagement on iOS and Android devices

    For your business, this means higher conversion rates, increased customer loyalty, and reduced cart abandonment

About us

We provide a unique mobile solution for online B2B and B2C retailers in the form of a customized mobile app that seamlessly integrates with your existing IBM Websphere Commerce Suite.

The modern mobile eCommerce customer values the simplicity and improved engagement that a dedicated app offers compared to browsing on a mobile website. Our iOS and Android apps are built to the specific needs of your business, providing an invaluable marketing tool that expands your customer base.

We support you every step of the way from app development to release and post-deployment support, including upgrades. By hiring us, your business can focus on growing and innovating, while we worry about the technical stuff that will support your growth and increase customer satisfaction.

We understand what matters to your business

Here is a list of benefits you can expect from your dedicated mobile app:

  • Improved mobile conversion rates
  • Enhanced customer loyalty, resulting in more repeat purchases
  • Outstanding customer engagement
  • Simple and effective checkout flows that convert


We work closely with your business to represent your brand in the best possible way on mobile devices. You can concentrate on innovating while we back you with an improved mobile presence, opening up a whole new world of potential customers with dedicated iOS and Android apps.

High Return On Investment

Our customized apps integrate seamlessly with your IBM WCS Suite, ensuring a high return on investment by getting the most out of the popular eCommerce software. Since our apps work with your existing Websphere Commerce software, there is no need for an expensive separate backend system. A variety of in-app features such as push notifications and personalized offers help to drive even more sales, giving you maximum value for money. Contact us now for a quick demonstration.

Our Services

We provide customized mobile eCommerce apps for both Android and iOS devices. Our apps integrate with your existing WebSphere Commerce software for a top-class mobile shopping experience. All apps are tailored to the specific needs and goals of your business, ensuring your brand is represented in the best possible way. Our extensive unparalleled support is completely free, and we help you implement new functionalities, integrate third-party services, and solve problems efficiently. We understand the factors that drive improved customer engagement on mobile devices. That’s why our apps are always built to achieve the best user experience, including easy checkout flow, personalized offers, and impressive customer segmentation options.
we provide following benefits

Quick Release

A solid app structure is in place. All we need to do is customize it to the needs of your business, meaning your app will hit the market in no-time.

Comprehensive App Support

We Provide app development, post App store Deployment support, new features development, third party integrations, OS upgrade App re-certifications.

Expand To A Global Marketplace

In an increasingly interconnected world, we can help you leverage the advantages of going global with your products. Our app team can take care of product pricing, currency conversion, taxation strategy, and payments.

High ROI

Your mobile app will be designed with customer engagement at the number one priority, ensuring a superb ROI. We achieve this through higher order conversion rates than traditional mobile browsers and lower cart abandonment.

Flexible Pricing

Our flexible pricing model means we work with you to achieve the right agreement depending on what you need from your app.

Customer Segmentation

Your app includes an extensive customer segmentation feature, utilizing the latest in eCommerce analytics to better understand user behavior. You can leverage this information to provide personalized offers and discounted goods to specific customer groups.

We provide wide range of color scheme options for the apps

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